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To keep your files in your office is unproductive and expensive for several reasons:
The high cost of space in the center of the city.
Doing physical searches on your documents, when you want, does not justify keeping an area designated exclusively to that.
The cost of not taking advantage of your filing areas which could be used for other functions, this provides a greater value to your business.
Waste of workers' time in searching for a specific document.
If you have many sites, each one with a place dedicated to files, you do not have centralized your files.

FUTURE LOGISTICS SOLUTIONS provides you with pick-up service, computerization of all your documents, inquiries also making available to the client, by electronically or delivering the original document, or expurgation / destruction of the document when the legal time has expired. We guarantee maximum confidentiality with your documents, as well as an optimum preservation of them according to the Law on the Protection of Personal Data (LOPD).

We offer several options of custody with your documents.
Simple custody. Suggested for inactive files with few enquiries.
Intermediate Custody. Suggested for active files with a medium level of inquiries
High custody. For those files that have a lot of requirements and require scaning.


Free Audit

At FUTURE we are committed to a free audit of your business logistics procedures, and we propose the best options.

Logistic Questionnaire

We will assess your requirements in order to make a customized proposal without any obligation to you.

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Contact details, location map. The more information you provide, the more we can adjust to your needs.

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