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An optimal management of products intakes includes the following tasks:

Getting in contact with the supplier, factory ..., and arranging a date for the intake while meeting the clientís requirements.

            We can enter different types of goods:
            Shipping from dealer to Cross Docking flow
            Shipping from dealer to ordinary storage
            Goods exchange between delivery points
            Goods and products: Inverse logistics

The full procedures and tasks related to these areas will be carried out by us.

Our clients will receive updated info about the situation of their orders, stocks and invoices through a fixed interface between their computer system and ours. However we can consider other options like using customerís applications. Regardless of the system used, we can assure both inputs and outputs with daily control and stock updated at every moment.

With this process we assure the following:

Excellent location for the stored goods, the maximum productivity for the available resources, reducing logistics costs. We will research the best storage option for your goods just to reach the maximum productivity for the goods turnover.

We observe the stock turnover chosen by the client (LIFO, FIFO). Because of this we are prepared for delivery any kind of goods, perishable or non-perishable.

We prepare the orders tailored to customersí needs. From pallets to picking as often as required. If our client requires it, we can handle product preparation.

The order of preparation implies the following features:
Receive the orders from our clients.
Launch and prepare the products to be transported.
Handling if necessary, e.g. sticky labels, anti-theft alarms, any assembly required
Printing packing-list
Moving the order to the shipping area

We ensure your order will arrive in perfect condition. We will also arrange with the paperwork so that it consists of:

Preparing the delivery note
Sending the electronic note to the delivery point
Invoice the order


Free Audit

At FUTURE we are committed to a free audit of your business logistics procedures, and we propose the best options.

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We will assess your requirements in order to make a customized proposal without any obligation to you.

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